Wed.26.OctTurbine Hall


Afrika Filmfestival Gent 2022

SORRY BABA . Samah Saadi and Yunes Monjar, Belgium, 2021
Cast: Idriss Bensbaho, Noureddine Farihi, Nathan Christiaensen
Language: Dutch and Arabic // Subtitles: English
In the presence of Samah Saadi and Yunes Monjar

Saïd, a man in his twenties of Moroccan descent, was taught from an early age by his father that he should always keep a cool head in order to avoid conflict. As the number of confrontations quickly pile up, Saïd's frustration grows and he threatens to lose control.

CLOUD . Mohamed Charef and Tourad Kane, Belgium, 2022
Cast: Natalija Surlich, Eliza Moreels, Lieven Bruyneel, Ahmed Charef, Tourad Kane, Sammy Babaian.
Language: Dutch
In the presence of Mohamed Charef and Tourad Kane

Cloud tells the story of two young women from two different worlds - Celeste and Elza - who have developed a deep friendship but cannot share their darkest secrets. Elza seems to have a good relationship with her boyfriend Noah, but gradually it becomes clear that something is going wrong.


THE GRAVEDIGGER'S WIFE. Khadar Ahmed, Somalia/Finland, 2021
Cast: Omar Abdi, Yasmin Warsame, Kadar Abdoul-Aziz Ibrahim
Language: Somali / Subtitles: English

Guled and Nasra, a loving couple, live with their son Mahad in the suburbs of Djibouti. Nasra urgently needs expensive surgery to treat chronic kidney disease. Guled works hard as a gravedigger and can barely make ends meet. How do they get the extra money to save Nasra and keep the family together?


wednesday 26 october 2022

doors 7:30 pm
start 8:00 pm

  • Short movie Sorry Baba (11')
    Short movie Cloud (23')
  • Main movie The Gravedigger's Wife (82')

presale: € 7
presale w/Uitpas, -18y. & groups +10: € 4
box office: € 10
opportunity rate: € 2

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