#IE22 . Yasak Helva ★ Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut ★ Alper Bakıner (Luxus)


Yasak Helva . Electric folk

Yasak Helva consists of three musicians with very different musical backgrounds: from death metal and grunge via jazz and pop to arabesque and Turkish folk music.

They call their music electric folk and can be recognized by the unique sound of their cümbüş, a mix between an ud and a banjo, which they rock hard.

Salih Korkut Peker . electroacoustic cümbüş, çağlama
Hakan Gorkem Bıyık . bass guitar
Onur Ertem . drums


Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut . Alternative rock

Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut (Hold the full glass upside down) is a Turkish pop rock band formed in 2014 by Mürsel Oğulcan Ava and Uğurhan Özay. Their debut album 'Polonya'nın Başı Belada' (Poland is in trouble), recorded at home in 2015, was a huge success and Dolu Kadehi Ter Tut quickly became one of the most popular groups in Turkey.

Their first studio album 'Dünyanın En İyi Albümü' ("Best Album in the World") was released in 2017, followed by 'Karanlık' (Dark) in 2019. Their album 'DKTT' was launched in 2021 on all major digital platforms. Meanwhile, the group has millions of active followers worldwide.

Uğurhan Ozay . vocals
Oğulcan Ava . guitar/backing vocals
Billur Battal . backing vocals
Dilan Balkay . trumpet, piano, backing vocals
Bahadır Kartal . electric guitar, keyboard
Şener Engin . bass guitar
Berke Köymen . drums


Alper Bakıner (LuXus) . Turkish protest music

Alper Bakıner is the founder, songwriter and singer of LuXus, an Istanbul based protest group that has been active in Turkey's alternative music scene for many years. With his latest work, he embarks on a brand new musical journey from the small town where he settled after the pandemic. And this journey includes a stop on the stage of De Centrale!

Alper Bakıner . vocals, guitar
Yusuf Alp Tambay . flute
Öğünç Poyraz . trumpet
Onur Çetinkol. bass
Kerem Batumlu. davul


saturday 19 november 2022

(standing concert)

19:00 doors
20:00 Yasak Helva
21:00 Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut
22:30 Alper Bakıner (LuXus)

presale: € 23
pre-sale w/uitpas, -18y. & groups +10: €20
box office: €26
opportunity rate: € 5.20

Festival pass € 75 (all IE concerts except Fasıl Night on Friday 18/11)