Sludgepop & garagepunk

PEUK guarantees pissed off sludge pop with a solid Riot Grrrl at the head. The self-titled debut album sounds like an early Cat Power that can borrow the amplifiers of Sonic Youth for a while. PEUK turned out to be a true revelation live, with performances at Sonic City, club concerts and a particularly hot and festival summer with Pukkelpop, Les Ardentes and Leffingeleuren among others. The Limburg trio likes to put a layer of tar on your soul and is as addictive as nicotine when listening to it. Think Hole, Pixies, Sonic Youth, The Breeders, ... Peuk's second album “Escape Somehow” will be released on April 14 on [PIAS].

Mitraille is a garage punk band from Antwerp. The trio mixes the dirtiest garage has to offer with edgy, ultra-nervous post-punk and crass DIY basement hardcore. There is one constant: going fast. Since the band entered the local music scene in 2018, Mitraille has been going fast. Since then, the band has released three EPs and a full album. 2022 turned out to be the most active year. The band released the album 'Mitraille', which received a stream of favorable reactions from home and abroad. The band is currently working hard on new material (again: going fast) and a 10-day foreign tour is in the pipeline for autumn 2023.

Org. Democrazy i.c.w. Scratch + Snuff.