Quasi (Portland, Oregon) was formed in 1993 by the duo Sam Coomes (ex-Heat Misser) and drummer Janet Weiss (ex-Sleater-Kinney). The duo first worked together in the band Motorgoat. After the formation of the band Quasi, collaborations followed with roaring submissions such as Jon Spencer and the HITmakers, Wild Flag, Elliott Smith and Built toSpill and a long list of others. Thirty years later, Coomes and Weiss have become true DIY icons themselves.

Meanwhile, Quasi have found shelter with the renowned Sub Pop label, where they release their tenth album Breaking the Balls of History . New singles like "Queen Of Ears" and 'Nowheresville' already sound promising!

"Lead single “Queen Of Ears” finds Coomes and Weiss bashing away on their keyboard and drums, respectively, lending a raw edge to an otherwise bright and poppy song." - Stereogum

(Pictures by John Clark)


tuesday 25 april 2023

doors 7:30 pm

presale € 14
box office € 17

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