Thu.16.FebBasement Hall


Qualifying round #1

The Ghent Slampionship is a competition between poets, rappers, spoken word and other word artists.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome to watch or participate, whether you're performing sonnets, rap lyrics, free verse or haiku. Round by round, the poets fight their way to the top, the winner is Ghent's slam champion aka slampion for a year and will gon straight through to the final of the Belgian Poetry Slam Championship!

You can register (as a participant) by CLICKING HERE

We work with two preliminary rounds and a final:
Preliminary round 1: Thursday 16 February in De Centrale.
✓ Preliminary round 2: Tuesday March 21 in Missy Sippy.
✓ Final: 9 May in the Ballroom of Viernulvier.

The Ghent Slampionship 2023 is a production of Podium Panache i.c.w. Slam Aleikum, Voem, Vermeylenfonds, Missy Sippy, De Centrale, Viernulvier, Literature Flanders and Culture Ghent.


Thursday 16 February 2023

7:00 pm