The Iranian singer Alireza Ghorbani is blessed with a wonderfull voice and a great musicality, that were allready discovered at a young age and further develloped.As a child he was allready submered in traditional, Iranian music, and he knows the ‘radif’( the classical repertory) as the back of his hand. The radif is an inexhaustible source of musical material that keeps being interpret in new ways. This historical repertory unites melodies of all Iranian counties and people, and is structured according to the rhythm of classical poetry. Alireza Ghorbani does not only have a thorough grasp on the traditional repertory, but also in the light classical style he feels like a fish in the water. In addition he performs new compositions, collaborates with musicians and vocalists from other cultures, and provides the music with numerous films and series.
Together with Saman Samimi ( stringinstrument kamanche and string- and druminstrument moshtagh), Milad Mohammadi (druminstruments tar and shourangiz) and Zakaria Yousefi ( percussion), Ghorbani brings vocal and instrumental improvisations, based on the radif, old songs (tasnifs) and new compositions of Saman Samimi.( Text Liselotte Sels en Sohrab Jabbari)