Sat.20.FebTurbine Hall


La Caravane Passe | Stompin' caravan | Mnsr zér0

This edition is dedicated to Bohemian music with restless hearts. There's no match for the swingrhythms and truly infectious character of gypsy music. It is profound joy and vivid sorrow in one expressive package. We lift 2 "caravan" bands on stage: one international famous French-Polish manouche-balkan-electroband, one national pride of exquisite musicians in true Django style, both of them officially presenting their brand new albums.

As an addition to this French / Balkan oriented live music, resident binair01 dj mnsr zér0 will focus on some other edges of the musical spectrum. He will surprise you with tunes from hotter areas: African clubmusic, Middle-East hiphop & klezmer, Latin-American cumbia, Spanish mestizo & ska.

Binair01 cares about music diversity. We offer quality dance music neglected by mainstream media, focusing on Anglo-Saxon pop music only.

L I N E - U P

La Caravane Passe (officiel) (FR/PL/ROM)
∙ New album release concert (out 5/02)

Stompin' Caravan (BE)
∙ New EP release concert

Mnsr Zéro (BE)
∙ binair01 resident dj, playing a new set of tracks from all kind of origins, from the hottest areas of our planet