Back & on the road again

Mehdi Haddab and Smadj, Two Parisian Udi's combine their Maghreb heritage with electro. Their magisterial play on the oed is supported by electronics and that works extremely well and subtly. Not obvious in this fusion genre. Smadj already worked with Magic Malik, François Thullier, Cyril Atef, Stefano di Baptista, Burhan Öçal, Talvin Singh, Amit Chatterjee, Rokia Traoré, Erik Truffaz, Cem Yildiz, Natacha Atlas, Ibrahim Maalouf, Mehdi Haddab, Alok Verma and Bojan Z.
Mehdi Haddab had already been very successful with his group Speed Caravan, where he had numerous musicians playing along (Rachid Taha, Rocky Sing) and collaborated with various projects (Souad Massi, Brian Eno, Gorillaz, Tinariwen, Natacha Atlas, Amadou & Mariam,ao).
On April 20, 2007, the two gentlemen were already on the stage of a then steaming Basement Room ... and then their roads separated and they  each went their own way again. Today the appetite is back. DuOud is back and on tour! With new repertoire and ready for new adventures. After a brief warm up in Tunisia, a sparkling premiere in the French city of  Arles followed tours in China, Algeria and Taiwan ... And now after all these years again on the stage of De Centrale, during the first Ghent UD FESTIVAL.