A song programme for toddlers

A song programme for the smallest and the little bigger. Simple and recognizable. Interactive and a little crazy. On the stage you see 2 musicians, with guitar percussion and vibraphone.  A little old lady sings and plays.  She plays together with the musicians, she plays with the blocks on the stage and with the children in the hall. We play hide and seek, drive up to Spain, play rhythmically with pots and pans, bake pancakes, count to ten, and laugh…and sing. One song flows in to the other…
The setting is simple. A nursery full of wooden blocks and dress up clothes and much more.  The blocks are transformed into a car to drive with on mummy’s lap, to a kitchen,…

An interactive, playful and joyous show by and with :
Marijke Umans (vocals, play)
Bart Van Aken (percussion, vibraphone, vocals)
Jan Blieck (guitar, small instruments, vocals)
Janneke Donkersloot (technical support)