Thu.17.JanTurbine Hall

Koen De Cauter, Fapy Lafertin & Rony Verbiest // 25 jaar Djangofolllies

Old Friends Old Songs

Three grandmasters search for the songs it once started with.
Youth friends Koen De Cauter and Fapy Lafertin founded the famous Waso Quartet in 1975, with which they put the music of Django Reinhardt in the spotlight again. Years later they each went their own way for a period of time and developed into true grandmasters.
Koen - now as a guitarist - continued with the Waso Quartet and found a new colleague in Rony Verbiest. Saxophonist Rony Verbiest has been playing accordion since his childhood and besides saxophone he also plays clarinet, bandoneon and harmonica. Fapy Lafertin founded his own group and toured the world with countless 'big names' from the jazz world and became one of the world's foremost guitarists in the Gypsy Swing tradition. Meanwhile, saxophonist, guitarist and singer Koen De Cauter immersed himself in a wide range of genres. Koen had been on the job regularly with Fapy for the last 20 years and also continued to work with Rony in different groups and projects.
Now the three men together form a group for the first time: Old Friends - Old Songs. In this formation they search for the songs from their youth that influenced them and bring them in their unique and personal way: chanson, jazz, musette, Latin, ... and even here and there a 'hit from back in the days'. The rhythm section consists of two sons of Koen: Waso and Dajo who, after more than a quarter of a century on the stage, form a very experienced combo.

“ Django did something only few people can do. He was so great  that he created a music genre (Hot-Club Jazz or Gypsy swing) on his own. He was a virtuoso guitarist with a great sense of lyricism, balance and structure.  He took elements from the then existing jazz, musette and gypsy music and remade this in such a convincingly original and timeless way that one can really speak of genius. He is considered one of the most important music reformers of the 20th century. "(Waso De Cauter)
Vzw ‘De vrienden van Brosella’ is for the 24th time the initiator of a rare ‘ birthday party’ of the birth of Django Rheinhardt, co- produced by  ‘Les Riches Claires’. In this anniversary year as well, the festival takes place in more than 25 different locations, including De Centrale.

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