Bastard music as manifesto

Born from the countless, tumultuous, and illicit love affairs that jazz has with all the music in the world, 'Laughing Bastards' embraces bastard music as its manifesto, the lyrical as its common denominator, and interwoven interplay as its starting point.

Laughing Bastards is the alchemy of the youngest generation from the flourishing jazz and improv scene of Ghent and the experience and hunger for innovation of an old hand in the trade.

From the outset, the group has abundantly indulged in the fascinating music of Jimmy Giuffre, with their first album as a trio, "drumless, yet soulful," released in 2012. This has resulted in a tight, lyrical sound and appreciation from both audiences and the media. In 2014, "Old Masterplans" was recorded with Lander Gyselinck as a quartet. In 2019, the third album "UNANIMAL" was released, as a quintet, featuring increasingly original work.

Now, in April 2024, their fourth album, "FETISH," will be released on the prestigious labels W.E.R.F. Records and BMC Records (Budapest).

Jan-Sebastiaan Degeyter - guitar
Michel Mast - tenor saxophone
Eline Duerinck - cello
Cyrille Obermüller - double bass
Marcos Della Rocha - drums

And for fans of Laughing Bastards, there are also the AchterHam Sessions on March 17 and April 28, a series of intimate living room concerts for a listening audience of +/- 50 people, in the studio / annex of Ham 12 in Ghent, or in the garden if the weather permits.

  • Sunday​​ March 17, 3 pm . AchterHam Session #1
    Jesse Van Ruller, guitar / Maarten Hogenhuis, as (NL) < tickets >
  • Sunday April 28, 3 pm . AchterHam Session #2
    VLIEGWERK w/ Steven Cassiers, Wout Gooris, Tim Finoulst < tickets >

All information about the Achter- and other Ham-Sessions < click here >


Saturday 20 April 2024

doors . 7:30 pm
start . 8:00 pm

seated audience

Pre-sale . €10
Pre-sale w/Uitpas, -18y. & groups +10 . €7
At the door . €13
Reduced rate: €2.60

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