Sufi & Ottoman Music

Makam Duo, consisting of Turkish ney player Mevlüt Akgüngor and oud player Robert Micin, brings a unique and enchanting blend of Sufi and Ottoman music. With special guest percussionist Hilde De Clercq from Ghent, they create an immersive musical experience.

The ney, a traditional wooden wind instrument, and the oud, a string instrument, form the foundation of their sound. Mevlüt Akgüngor and Robert Micin are masters of their instruments, bringing the rich tones and melodies of Sufi and Ottoman music to life.

Together with Hilde De Clercq on percussion, the music of the Makam Duo takes on an extra dimension. Her rhythmic and colorful playing adds a dynamic element to the compositions, making the music even more vibrant.

Together, they take the audience on a journey through the diverse sounds and moods of Turkish music. The Makam Duo, with Hilde De Clercq as a special guest, provides an unforgettable and captivating musical experience.