Born in a family of music lovers, Manish was introduced to Indian classical music by his parents. After a few years of learning basics of classical vocal , he started his initial training in Indian slide guitar from Late Shri Vishnu Waliwadekar. Manish is one of the senior disciples of Ustad Shahid Parvez, a famous sitar master of the Itawa Gharana.

Indian slide guitar was first introduced to Indian classical music by Pandit Brijbhushan Kabra in the early sixties.  His instrument was a Gibson Super 400, modified with a drone string and a high nut to raise the strings off the fretboard like a lap steel. Seated on the floor in the traditional style of Indian musicians, Kabra played his guitar horizontally, using a fingerstyle plucking technique and a short steel bar to contact the strings. His approach set the standard for virtually all Indian slide guitarists.