Fri.12.AprTurbine Hall

Mehdi Nassouli ft. Abir El Abed

Gnawa Night

Mehdi Nassouli belongs to the top of the gnawa genre, resulting from the world famous West African slave music. This young guembri player from southwest Morocco comes from Taroudant, a city known for the diversity of its musical heritage. Mehdi Nassouli was immersed in Gnawa music from an early age, since his parents and grandparents were also musicians. For this 'Gnawa Night' he gets the company of singer Abir El Abed, who together with Nassouli will bring known folk poetry of the Maghreb, qassaid.
Gnawa is part of the well-known West African slave music and mainly settled in Morocco. Gnawa is a hypnotic interplay consisting of African, Amazigh and Arabic influences. The gnawa was a source of inspiration for decades for musicians such as The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix. Every year the world famous Gnawa festival is organized in the famous coastal town of Essouira.
After a successful collaboration with the now well-known Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, Nassouli expressed his intention to develop a new musical program in which a mix of gnawa rhythms will form a fluid unity with the complex Arabo Andalus melody lines.
At the end of 2018 he could still be seen in the AB ... today in De Centrale!