Wed.29.MayTurbine Hall

Moradi Ensemble

Masters of Tanbur

Extra Applaus!

Ali Akbar Moradi is often associated with the tanbur, an ancient string instrument and precursor to later Iranian plucked instruments such as the setar and tar. He is a prominent artist and the ambassador of this instrument. When one mentions the tanbur, Ali Akbar Moradi comes to mind. The tanbour has ancient and deep roots, mentioned as early as the tenth century by the Persian-Arabic philosopher and music theorist Al-Farabi, who noted variants from various regions, such as the dotar in Khorasan and the tanbur of the Yaresan Kurds in Baghdad. For the Yaresanis, the tanbur has held a sacred, spiritual, and ritualistic status for a thousand years. The typical maqams belong to the oldest Iranian musical heritage, featuring complex rhythms, melodies, and intervals. Ali Akbar Moradi, hailing from Kermanshah, has continued the tradition for decades by composing based on traditional Kurdish tanbur maqams and ancient Kurdish poetry. He brings a wealth of experience and has collaborated with the most prominent artists to uphold this rich musical tradition.

During this concert, he is accompanied by his sons Arash and Kourosh and kamancheh player Mehdi Bagheri. The sounds of the three tanburs and additional timbres promise an immersive and enchanting listening experience, rooted in tradition yet branching into the present.

Ali Akbar Moradi . tanbur & vocals
Arash Moradi . tanbur & setar
Kourosh Moradi . tanbur & daf
Mehdi Bagheri . kamancheh


Wednesday 29 May 2024

doors. 7:30 pm
start . 8:00

Presale: €21
Presale w/Uitpas, under 18 & groups of 10 or more: €18
At the door: €24
Reduced rate: €4.80

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