Polderpunk and dirty party uproar.

Moustash brings cheerful uptempo self-brewed songs. A healthy mix of ska, swing, chanson, Dutch pop, punk, Balkan, Latin. Danceable, humorous, and straight to the point.

Not so long ago their new (their 5th) album was released, entitled 'It doesn't get better than this'.

Maarten Vanhoucke . vocals, accordion, ukulele, trombone
Erik Lievens . vocals, guitar, accordion, melodica
Tom Deman . double bass
Günther Biesbrouck . percussion and drum
Koen Eekhout . trumpet & vocals

A "polder" is a Dutch term referring to a piece of low-lying land that has been enclosed by dikes to keep out the sea or river water. Polders are typically reclaimed from bodies of water and are often characterized by a system of ditches and canals for drainage and water control. The Netherlands, known for its extensive network of dikes and reclaimed land, is famous for its polders. The term "polder" can also be used more broadly to describe any area of land that has been reclaimed from water.