Nana Osei & Raffaello Visconti

Where African Rhythms and Global Melodies Unite

The young and talented musician Nana Osei-Twum Barima, a lute player, singer, percussionist, and dancer from Ghana, discovered the beautiful sounds of the seperewa harp-lute at a young age, an instrument you absolutely must hear. During his performances, he seamlessly blends the subtle tones of the mbira (thumb piano) with a variety of percussion instruments, including thigh and water gourds, the Ghanaian percussion box, and bamboo percussion. Nana always takes his audience on an exciting musical journey.

Guitarist Raffaello Visconti is a passionate musician and globetrotter with Anglo-Italian roots, based in Ghent. His deep love for African music led him to collaborate with artists such as Zap Mama, Ebo Taylor, Sister Fa, and many other international and local talents. These collaborations, along with his numerous trips to the African continent, have made him the versatile musician we know today. His music hovers between Afrobeats, reggae, and funk.

The musical encounter between these two exceptional artists will remain etched in our memory for a long time to come!