Nicolas Mortelmans ft. Tarang Poddar

MĀYĀ . Release Tour

Nicolas Mortelmans is a sitar player from Lier and a student of Anoushka Shankar. You may know him as a member of Condor Gruppe, Roland van Campenhout, Leki, Merdan Taplak... He has also recorded for artists such as Dijf Sanders.

In April, Nicolas Mortelmans will release his debut album. MĀYĀ is a unique sitar album that consists of a blend of traditional Indian music with Western influences. The sitar serves as the common thread throughout the album, with the instrument being approached differently in each track. Traditional Indian sounds seamlessly blend with Western influences from genres such as electronica, jazz, and rock music.

In ENTR, Nicolas will present the album in a duo performance with tablaplayer Tarang Poddar. Together, they will perform songs from the album, leaving room for live improvisation.

Expect a meditative and explosive concert experience.