Bulgarian Party Band from Ghent

The Ghent-Bulgarian NIKO BAND always creates a vibrant atmosphere with their live performances, with an extremely danceable repertoire. Accordionist Nikolay Velev and singer Pilafova Vili have been the heart of the band since they met in Bulgaria in 2006. From then on, they have been playing every weekend for 18 years at large and small parties throughout Europe, from France to Austria, with a repertoire of traditional Bulgarian folk music and other Balkan genres. In 2016, singer Pilafova Vili was even allowed to go to the grand final of the popular TV show Valentino Zvjezde, the Bosnian counterpart of The Voice.

Vili Pilafova . singing
Nikolay Velev. accordion
Krasimir Velikov. kaval
Ivan Ivanov . gadulka