Picking Combo . tuesday night live

ENTR concerts . summer '22

Exotic holiday to Latin America

With Picking Combo, Yannis Landrin and Stephen Scharmin take you on an adventurous musical journey.  Picking Combo guides you through the most unknown corners and unexplored places of the continent. With their small line-up they treat the audience to nostalgic samba, son, salsa, cumbia and timba and make us dream of Copacabana, Havana and Baranquilla! Salud!

We know multi-instrumentalist and composer Landrin as co-founder of the Afro-Cuban band 'Rayo de Son' or the Brazilian 'Choro Braseiro'. Percussion talent Stephen Scharmin has been on stage since he was 14 and he played with the bands Gadjo from Barcelona and Mocambo from Ghent. He was also percussionist at Café Con Leche and shared the stage with Pieter Embrechts, Frank Deruytter, Doudou N'Diaye Rose & Fam., The Playing for Change Band, Alejandro Vargas, Dreiser Durruthy and many others.