AchterHam Sessions 2023 #2

In addition to the Ham Sessions, three days of living, handmade music, there are also the AchterHam Sessions, a series of intimate living room concerts for a listening audience (+/- 60p)

Place : the studio / the back house of Ham 12 in Ghent
(or in the garden if the weather permits).

Pietre is the latest project of bassist and composer Alessandro Fongaro. Pietre is the Italian word for stones, which is intended by Fongaro as 'feelings'. The themes of the compositions portray specific images and moments, all somewhat related to love and friendship, that Fongaro carefully collected as some sort of personal diary.
The music of Pietre is a combination of stuttering rhythms, improvisation and melodies.
In a raw and yet romantic way, the ensemble performs such themes creating a dialog that allows intensity, sensitivity and vulnerability to manifest in the playing, using chances and risks to shape their story.
The band features Alessandro Fongaro on double bass, Sun-Mi Hong on drums, Jesse Schilderink on baritone and tenor saxophone and Nicolò Ricci on tenor saxophone.

Org. Ham Sessions