La Panda Revolution de la Mala Hierba !

'Rumbaristas' ensures that in 2019  the cycling classics are guaranteed to be colored southern ... At the beginning of March, the disturbed foursome scatters its self-titled debut album.
The 'mesti so new style' band around the Spanish - Aragonese rumbero Will y Fuego (Amparanoia, La KinkyBeat), the French - Sicilian - Polishemulti - instrumentalist Thomas Morzewski (Orchester International du Vetex) and the pointed avant garde Think of One - duo Roel Poriau (drums, percussion) and Thomas de Smet (bass) wants to make people smiling hip-hop between Borgerhout, Barcelona, Catania and Calais ...

'Rumbaristas' is actually the result of a coincidental encounter in the rehearsal room of La Petite Fabriek in the spring of 2016 in Tournai. The Aragonese rumbaristo Willy Fuego was there at a residence with some musicians from Amparo Sánchez, while Roel Poriau and Thomas Morzewski came for a  drink a  after a concert with their Orchester International du Vetex. In the best underground latino tradition, games were played until the early hours. "We were really interested in seeing how close the 'rumba catalana' of Willy Fuego was to the more Central European influences we often draw from," says Thomas Morzewski. In September 2016, it was decided to do a few bars under the name 'Rumbaristas' as a foursome. "That felt really good and really tasted for more", says Roel Poriau. Together with bassist Tomas De Smet he formed the rhythm section of Think of One for years, which in his glory days also had a lot of affinity with Spanish and southern rhythms. "That latino world in which Willy is, is really interesting for us", says Poriau. "Especially when you link it to other influences that we have been working on in the past years, be it with Think of One, Antwerp Gypsy Ska or my percussion and production work for Vetex".
In December 2016, the quartet moved into the Porino studios in Borgerhout for the first time, an EP with 'Canhaveral' and 'Bruciamo La Candela' was the result. Both songs immediately showed what Rumbaristas stands for: an infectious yet quirky mix of rumba, tarantella, southern rhythms, even some samba ... Both songs quickly found their way to the laptops of DJs like the Greek Inko, the Serbian Killo Killo or the Spanish Chalart ... Rumbaristas could also play in the past two years at festivals in Switzerland, Spain, France and even China. In the fall of 2018, the quartet went into the studio to record their debut album. With producer David Bourguignon, known for his work as drummer / percussionist of Manu Chao's Radio Bemba. The self-titled debut album is in stores in March, although nowadays it is mainly the on-line boutique of iTunes and Spotify, Rumbaristas hopes to bring a fresh note to the often too good bunch of European world music.
Line-up: Willy Fuego: guitar & vocals Thomas Morzewski: accordéon, trumpet, keyboards and vocals Roel Poriau: drums, backing vocals Tomas De Smet: bass, backing vocals