Sun.14.OctTurbine Hall


Oed double bill #01


Sadig Shiakh Eldin Gibril is originally from Sudan and has been living in Belgium since 1993. In 1999 he received his master's degree in music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven. In addition, he has been teaching classes in De Centrale since 1996. He brings a musical repertoire loosely based on the virtuoso classical Arab and Sudanese music, but dressed in a contemporary jacket and decorated with a fine layer of Western varnish and lightly seasoned with a pinch of Afro jazz.
Especially for the UD FESTIVAL, Sadig invites his younger brother. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Wafir S. Gibril plays accordions, percussion and oed. He studied at the Conservatory of Khartoum and started his musical career with various classical Sudanese music ensembles of which Mohammad Al Amin is probably the best known. Later he leaves for Spain where, for a while,  he is a member of the popular  group Radio Tarifa. Other eye-catching collaborations are those with Eduardo Paniagua, Hevia, Las Musgaña, Joaquín Ruiz, Djanbutu Thiossane, La Banda Negra, the Mar a Mar and Siria and Mi. Together with his younger sister Rasha he wrote along to the soundtrack of the Spanish film Finisterre.
Today the Gibril brothers stand together on the stage of De Centrale for the first edition of the UD FESTIVAL (they will also perform in Ostend {Klein Verhaal - 19/10} and Geraardsbergen {date tbc).


Mehmet Polat is an oed player, composer, band leader and soloist who now has a lot of musical miles on his counter. From Africa to India, from Persia to the Balkans, from modern to jazz, he combines different styles of music with his spiritual Alevi, his folk Anatolian and his classical Ottoman (musical) background. Via improvisation, personal compositions and a broad view on the diversity of music styles, Mehmet Polat is constantly looking for new inspiration and musical paths. After years of research, he has developed his own technique to look beyond the "limitations" of his once traditional instrument. With a new technique for the left hand, he plays more modern and further developed pieces of music. He has also developed his own ud with two extra bass strings to increase the scope and function of his instrument. Mehmet Polat plays solo, in duo, trio, quartet or quintet. For the UD FESTIVAL we opted for the duoformation. Together with the Amsterdam-Turkish percussionist Alper Kekeç he brings a live impression of his latest CD 'Ageless Garden'.