Steven de bruyn invites a musical soulmate

Each month, our neighbour Steven De Bruyn invites in ENTR a musical soulmate he wants to get to know or has met before (and wants to meet again) for a musical exchange. . Just like the open kitchen of ENTR conjures the world to your tastebuds, you will be travelling with your eyes closed and your ears open

Do we still have to introduce Derek? We don't think so,… but for those who have not been familiar with the Ghent music scene for so long will be happy we refer them to the man’s own website. We point out a few highlights here: "Derek is a versatile creative singer-songwriter who used to be in the rock band Derek & the Dirt (1989-1993) and had the duo Derek& Vis ((1995-2001) together with Yves Meerschaert… as of2002 he works under the name Derek both solo as with different occupations, both in French as in Dutch…. And he did theatre tours with Kommilfoo, Herman Brusselmans, Warre Borgmans … and was in ‘Het gespuis’ … since 1991 nearly every year he plays Bob Dylan tribute concerts… forPlace Musette on the Ghentse Feesten he does the programmation in cooperation with  Uitbureau  since 2007 under the name ‘Les amis de Derek’… he often shared the stageof different clubs with harmonium player Steven De Bruyn. Under the name “Stevo&Derek” they played a tour in 2017, “Just the two of us”… So it's time to redo things in ENTR and thus conclude our concert season in our café-restaurant in absolute beauty.