In loving memory of Kirill Pokrovsky (1962-2015)

Kirill Pokrovsky was a Russian-Belgian composer and musician. He is mostly known as a composer of the music of a number of popular video games (including the Divinity series of Belgian Larian Studios) and as a member of the popular / legendary Russian metal bands Aria and Master. The Pokrovsky Band was founded following the death of Kyril on June 1, 2015. The Pokrovsky Band brings Russian jazz and pop from the 1980s besides its own compositions, and consists of Andrei Kibkalov (bass guitar, keypads & singing / Urga), Roman Kim (Guitar & Singer / Romin Stone), Filip Guizot (drums), Andrei Ratsiborzhinsky(violin, guitar & singing / Urga) & & Yevgeni Suvorkin (accordion ). On March 22, 2016, The Pokrovsky Band gave another unforgettable tribute concert in the basement of De Centrale. Today, they bring their typical Russian music and atmosphere to ENTR. Rock in Peace Kirill!