Tue.08.MarTurbine Hall



Using the organic sound of the human voice,  Zap Mama  has developed her own characteristic sound the past 25 years, with which the group has managed to attract a large and diverse audience worldwide.  At the beginning of the 90’s of last century Marie Daulne - originally from the former Zaïre - founded the Afro-European vocal quintet  ZAP MAMA . The title less album appeared in 1991 with crammed records. In 1992 ZAP MAMA signed a record deal with the U.S. label Luaka Bop of Talking Heads lead performer David Byrne. In the U.S. Zap Mama’s first album appeared under the name 'Adventures in Afrope'a.  It ended up almost straight away in the top of the World Billboard Awards charts, where it stayed for over 20 weeks.

Over the years, new inspiration kept coming, and during 1994 and 2009,  ZAP MAMA  produced 6 more albums – one being more successful than the other - (Sabsylma - 1994, Seven - 1997, A Ma Zone - 1999, Ancestry in Progress - 2004, Supermoon -2007  en Recreation - 2009). They distanced theirselves from the a capella and ZAP MAMA increasingly evolved to a more original and unique Urban  mix of  several European, American and African rhythms and traditions. The band members came and went, some of whom we have long forgotten their names. Except Sally Niolo, Manou Gallo and of course Marie Daulne herself.  She was, is and always will be the forever charismatic leadsinger of ZAP MAMA.

Soon ZAP MAMA  will exist 25 years . So it is time for a new album that will be released in the course of 2016 and on which- so we heard from a trustworthy source-  lead singer Marie Daulne returns to her vocal roots.

As a preview and specially for the International Womensday ZAP MAMA will be live on the stage of De Centrale.