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Les Goûts de Gand meets Hıdırellez . Hıdırellez Podium

Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ
The music of Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ is a mix of many genres such as pop, rock, soul, electronica and of course traditional Anatolian music. Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ released several singles in 2019, of which "Adaletin bu mu dünya" – with more than 12 million. hits on Spotify – by far the most popular. And its popularity continues to increase ... also here in Ghent!
Zeynep Baksi Karatağ. singing; Fethi Ak. percussion; Gursoy Tanc. guitars; Murat Karata . keyboard; Mutlu Kızılgedik. bağlama & cura

Kolektif Istanbul
When you skilfully mix the dynamic energy of Balkan fanfares and the melancholic depth of Anatolian blues, you automatically get the colorful band of Kolektif İstanbul as a result. An ideal recipe for a swinging spring festival.
Asli Laniepce . vocals and trumpet; Richard Laniepce. vocals and saxophone; Ertan Sahin. suzaphone; Batuhan Barac. davul; Talyat Yusuf Ahmed. clarinet; Tamer Yusuf Ahmed. llavier

Le Global
Le Global wants to unite all peoples with dance music from all corners of the world. From cumbia and chachacha over salsa, rumba, mazurka, to waltz, cajun, sirtaki, gipsy and rock. A multicultural happening in the context of musical globalization or one that will hopefully reverberate for hours, days and months.Jean Pierre Lietard . trumpet & vocals; Medhi Bennadji . drums & percussion; Stephane Beaucourt. bass; Benito Blancquaert. saxes, flute & vocals; Rodrigo Marchevsky. accordion & organ; Greg Leroy. guitar


saturday 07 may 2022

3:00 pm . Zeynep Bakşi Karatağ
5:00 pm . Kolektif Istanbul
9:30 pm . Le Global

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