El Juntacadáveres

Fusion . Tango . Fusion

The Antwerp based band El Juntacadáveres brings a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary styles... a combination of explosive energy and stunning twists.

The band was founded by the Argentine musician Enrique Noviello who managed to gather around him a variety of musicians from different countries and genres.

For more than 12 years, the band has been working on a unique and new sound that is somewhere between rock, reggae, punk, ska and tango. They call it "Fusion tango" themselves. After numerous concerts in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France, Germany and Spain, a short trip to South Korea, two albums and an EP, from 25 October they will fully embark on a 10-day transatlantic adventure in Mexico. Before they leave, they like to give a free goodbye concert in De Centrale. El Juntocadaveres is ready for it! Are you?

Enrique Noviello - vocals/bandoneon/sax
Pato Lorente - bandoneon
Onan Van de Weyer - guitar
Domingo de Jesus López Díaz - piano/keyboards
Michel Spiessens - bass guitar
Luc Bas - drums