Middle Eastern and Palestinian music * PAST ACTIVITY *

w/ Ahmed Hawwash (Palestine)

This workshop is intended to introduce participants to the rich and diverse musical traditions of Palestine and the Middle East. Teacher Ahmed Hawwash will introduce participants to the different musical styles, instruments and techniques used in the Palestinian, Arabic and Turkish music.

We will also be introduced to quarter tones and the different ways they are used in various musical cultures. In addition, we will delve into music theory, with specific attention to Arabic taksim and makam, focusing on the 8 very well-known makams (according to some sources there are more than 400 makams).

This workshop is open to all instruments, regardless of experience level.


Ahmed Hawwash is among the representatives of a new generation of musicians in Palestine. This generation seeks to express their daily experiences on the path to achieving their goals through their music. For Hawwash and other Palestinian musicians, music has proven to be the perfect outlet. He has participated in various projects, ranging from classical to oriental, and recently embraced jazz projects as well. Thanks to live performances and recording sessions, he has built a solid reputation as a talented performer, consistently showcasing his distinctive musical style.


from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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€10 (Standard rate)
€2 (Reduced rate)

Maximum number of participants: 25

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