Benefit Turkey-Syria

The benefit afternoon organized by De Centrale on Sunday, February 12 for victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria raised over €21,000.
More than 700 people gathered for an equally impressive and subdued musical program.
Thirty musicians, duos, trios - many with roots in Syria or Turkey - expressed in an afternoon program, each in their own way, the grief of the victims and relatives, including family members of those present in the audience.
In addition to dismay and grief, the numerous audience members who turned up, the staff of The Centrale and volunteers from various associations who provided the buffet, also showed fervor and determination to provide maximum support to those in need in the affected areas.
The funds raised will go to the Red Cross, which in the meantime has joined forces with Caritas International, Doctors of the World, Handicap International, Oxfam Solidarity, Plan International and UNICEF to launch the 12-12 "Earthquake Syria-Turkey" action.

Support is still possible, e.g. via or the account number BE19 0000 0000 1212.

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