Nowruz is one of the oldest and most important festivals in Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia and heralds the beginning of spring. The word Nowruz means new day and return of the light.
During Nowruz, all people are equal regardless of race, religion or gender. For a brief moment, day and night, darkness and light, become equal in length and make peace.
Nowruz stands for moderation, equality and solidarity and falls on March 20, 2021. 

With the Nowruz box you experience Nowruz from home.

  • Through a tutorial, the recipes and accompanying ingredients you can make your own Qabili Palau (Afghan main course), Haft (sweet drink) and Samanoe (Iranian dessert)
  • With the saffron you can enrich many dishes or make a 'powerful' tea.
  • Library De Krook brings together a fine selection of literary tips.
  • Ancient Iranian poetry takes you into the mystical world of nowruz.
  • Together with Urgent.fm we are sending a nowruz radio show into the air.
  • On March 20 you can enjoy the live stream concert of the Iranian classical ensemble SURAN for free! 

With the sale of the Nowruz boxes, we also support The Boat Band (musicians who experiment with arrangements of music from their home country). 

The Nowruz Box was created in collaboration with:
Huis van Alijn, Oxfam, Dental Mission Afghanistan, De Krook Library, Urgent.fm, Orbit vzw, Maryam Salamat (design & images) & Sohrab Jabbari (texts & general support). 

Reserve your Nowruz box(es) via our contact form CLICK HERE
Or buy directly at one of the following points of sale (from aprox. 11/03): Huis van Alijn and Oxfam Wereldwinkel Gent-Center.

Additional suggestions!
Give a Nowruz box as a gift
Visit the special Nowruz stand in de krook from March 1st! 


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