Mildlife ★ Democrazy

Tight mix of jazzy guitars, funky grooves and spacey synths

Five years after their previous visit to Ghent, the Australian band Mildlife returns with new material. On their third studio album, Chorus, Mildlife connects personal microcosmic meaning with a macrovision from above. Chorus is the sound of individual entities merging into a marvelous whole. It is harmonious togetherness and festive symbiosis. And it is the ultimate declaration of the band's borderline mystical unity, their united theory of groove.

"Chorus is about the coming together of disparate elements. Not in a utopian aesthetic where everything works perfectly, but in the natural flow and state of things," shares Jim Rindfleish of the band. "It's about cosmic compatibility and chemistry: what makes things work? Not just what makes the band work, but what makes good music, art, or love? It's the rhythm of nature."

After Automatic in 2020 and Phase in 2017, Chorus is Mildlife's most optimistic album. It is a sonic testament to the band's unwavering admiration for the enchanting realms of psychedelic and cosmic sounds from the '70s. Digging deeper, you'll discover Polish jazz, Italian disco, and a touch of contemporary electronic sounds. Chorus is the dance of an expanding and contracting universe - the groove is eternal, cyclical, and evolving.

While Chorus may be an album of individual tracks, band members, and experiences, it is more than the sum of its parts. It's microscopic particles forming new minerals or overlapping time signatures collapsing into generative creation. With the release of Chorus, the band has once again opened a portal to their unique realm of rhythmic community. Step into the flow.

Chorus will be released on March 1, 2024, on Heavenly Recordings.


Wednesday 05 June 2024

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