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İMERA - waves from the Black Sea

İMERA was founded in 2014 by Yıldıray Yanlı and Hüseyin Ulusan. The group takes its name from the Greek word ημέρα (iméra) which means "day". The group logo uses three elements that refer to the Black Sea region from which the group originates: the Sümela Monastery, the green (trees) for nature and the blue for the (Black) sea. İmera presents itself as the guardian of a very original narrative and musical tradition, which was on the verge of disappearing.   Every day the group tries to share its passion for the Black Sea with the public… now from a distance, but soon also completely live again!

Hüseyin Ulusan / vocals
Merve Büyüktaş / vocals
Yıldıray Yanlı / cura & guitar
Can Ahmet Damar / kemençe
Murat Sönmez / keyboard