A Fine Mix of Middle-Eastern Music, Jazz & Pop

Arda & the Giannena is a traditional Middle Eastern, Balkan, Greek, Ottoman music band with a new and revolutionary touch and style. The traditional aspects such as the Davul and Ud that come from the Eastern Music Style mixed with the Guitar from the West create an intriguing sound.

Merging the eastern melodies with the microtonal aspects and the western equal-temperament harmony system, the band focuses on taking a deep look at the possibilities these two different cultures can bring to the overall unity of music.  Arda & the Giannena explores the world of electronic music and uses it in their music as well. Founded in 2021, the band has played many gigs, including venues like Tivoli Vredenburgh (Utrecht) and many other places.

Vasileios Papadopoulos . Guitar and Vocals
Stelios Tselios . Ud and Vocals
Arda Ege Yesiltepe . Davul and Backing Vocals