Sat.09.DecTurbine Hall


Rayen Panday, Arno Moens, Samir Fighil, Manu Moreau

The first and only colorful comedy show in Flanders now also comes to Ghent.  Three comedians, a funny mc and a DJ who provides a funny soundtrack = 90 minutes of razor-sharp jokes, no-nonsense comedy and a lot of surprises. Comedians are Zaandammer and ex-law student Rayen Panday (also to be seen during 'Nuff Said on 30.11), Arno Moens (known from amongst others Familie, Chaussée d'Amour and De Ludwigs), the Moroccan-Dutch comedian / impersonator Samir Fighil and 'Master of Ceremony' Manu Moreau. DJ G-SPOT not only provides funny intermezzos but also a funny soundtrack.
Zaandammer and former law student Rayen Panday won the personality award of the Groninger Student Cabaret Festival in 2008. Since then he has played at various festivals / stages and in theaters throughout the Netherlands. He is currently touring Dutch theaters with his third supplementary theater performance 'Niet verder vertellen'. Rayen provides an exclusive and hilarious stand-up comedy set as the headliner of Beezy Comedy!
Arno Moens is a young player / writer / mover who from an early age has the pleasure of creating and performing for the public. In the meantime, that necessity has only grown, matured and professionalised. After roles in: 'In Flemish Fields', 'Familie', 'Chaussée d'Amour' and 'De Ludwigs' on the small screen he is ready to swirl on stages small and big with his comedy with small 'c' and humor with a big 'T'.
Samir is a born entertainer. Raised iIn the imperial city of Nijmegen, he comes into contact with all layers of society from an early age. An excellent source of inspiration, it turns out later, when Samir mastered the art of imitation. His characters, in combination with the passion to tell stories and make people laugh about it, make Samir make his stage debut in the world of comedy and cabaret in 2011. A banging entrance, as he soon won the Hague Street Life Award for upcoming talent.
Manu looks younger, lighter and more dangerous than he really is. His world is sometimes too crazy for words. Too crazy that yet he found the right puns for it. He tells you everything about it, in smells and colors. Dry humor with a dark side. Manu performs in Dutch and English.

G-Spot not only provides funny intermezzos but also a funny soundtrack. Do not be shocked if he and the mc  get you on stage to dance to the theme of The Fresh Prince of BelAir!