Pablo and Helena, uncle and niece, have always shared their musical talents during family gatherings. However, it wasn't until 2019 that they decided to formally introduce their music duo to audiences. Helena, a young vocalist and songwriter, is currently studying jazz music at the Amsterdam Conservatory. She's involved in various projects such as the KillJoy Quiz show (NTGent), Sachee and Cultra Collective (Amsterdam), and has her own solo project with the band RadioHop.

Pablo Casella, a multi-instrumentalist and composer originally from São Paulo, has been based in Ghent since 2008. In Belgium, he has collaborated with numerous music projects (Esinam, Témé Tan, Little Dots, Ndugu, DJ Grazzhoppa...) and has been actively involved in composing, producing, and performing music for theatre shows (KillJoy Quiz, Ferox Tempus - NTGent / LOS, BAM!, Saperlipopette - Ultima-Thule).

As a duo, they present a repertoire of Brazilian songs and original compositions, showcasing their shared roots and familial bond. Accompanied by guitar, percussion, and vocals, they explore various styles and atmospheres, ranging from slow ballads to lively rhythms, and from intimate to trance-like experiences. Their performances offer an immersive journey into the warm Brazilian vibes and their profound musical connection.

Helena Casella - vocals, percussion
Pablo Casella - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion