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Wannes meets Django

Wannes meets Django

Wannes Van de Velde is best known in Flanders as a bard and songwriter, much less as a composer. However, Wannes and his colleagues (think of Walter Heynen) have delivered a wealth of beautiful compositions that  without any text remain intact  effortlessly.

Jokke Schreurs wants to highlight this less well-known aspect of Wannes Van de Velde with his quartet. With their project 'Wannes meets Django' they want to demonstrate that the compositions delivered by the institute Wannes Van de Velde are so strong that they can become as good Jazz Standards as those of Duke, Django, Cole Porter or Gershwin. They also hope to make the qualities as composer of the singer troubadour better appreciated. Jokke Schreurs is known as a guitarist and interpreter of the music of Django. Now he adds that of Wannes. He played with Warre Borgmans, Tanguedia, Miel Cools and Guido Belcanto and a few times with Wannes himself.
Multi-instrumentalist Sam Vloemans is a creative jack-of-all-trades that we cannot simply put in one booth. Born in Curaçao, he  was brought up with e South American muic, but he also enriched himself with jazz, soul and pop. He plays trumpet, bugle, percussion and timbales, writes his own compositions and arranges works.
Bassist and vocalist Henk de Laat played with Enrique Tarde, Denise Jannah, Shirley Bassey, Pieter Embrechts, Bob Mallach, Sabien Tiels and Bob Mincer. Luc Vanden Bosch already has several laureate prizes to his name (Jazz-Hoeilaart and AVRO-Jazz). This gave him the opportunity to play as a freelance percussionist in the BRT Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Etienne Verschueren. He played together with Vaya con Dios, Rony Verbiest, Olla Vogala, Johan Clement Trio, Arne Van Coillie Trio, ...
What do you think would have happened if Django could have known Wannes? This maybe ...

Jokke Schreurs (guitar), Henk de Laat (double bass, scat), Luc Vanden Bosch (drums, percussion) & Sam Vloemans (trumpet).