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Majd Khalifeh - Herboren (Hier komt een Nieuwe Belg)

Thousands of refugees have made the crossing to the European Union in recent months and years - the largest refugee stream since World War II. The unforgettable images show us men, women and children who dream of a new, safe and dignified life. Whoever reaches his goal is 'reborn' in a new society that he or she hardly knows anything about. Not a simple mission in these times of terror and polarization.
Fourteen years ago, journalist and documentary maker Majd Khalifeh arrived in Belgium, as a stateless Palestinian in a foreign country, looking for an identity. His own language, culture and knowledge suddenly seemed evaporated. His complex identity was reduced to one word: 'stranger'. He felt like a helpless baby who had to find his way in a new world. All he could do was continue. In Herboren he takes the reader through the various steps of his own quest: from newcomer to active citizen.

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