Lara & Nana

A special musical encounter

A musical meeting between 2 special artists: Lara Rosseel and Nana Osei-Twum Barima.

Lara Rosseel has a bachelor's degree in guitar and cello at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, but the double bass would ultimately determine her musical career. She has been a fixture in the Belgian jazz scene for several years, think of Chris Joris Band, Pierre Van Dormael Quartet, Naima Joris Band, Room 13 Orchestra, Helder, Old Salt, Barnill Brothers and of course her own bands. She is also city composer of the City of Ghent for the period 2023-2024.

The young talented harp player, singer, percussionist and dancer Nana Osei-Twum Barima is from Ghana. At a young age he discovered the seperewa harp, a beautiful sounding instrument that you absolutely want to hear. In his performances he also intertwines the subtle mbira (thumb piano) with a range of percussion such as the thigh and water gourd, the Ghanaian percussion box and bamboo percussion. Nana invariably takes his audience on an exciting musical journey.

An artistic encounter not to be missed.