Thu.29.NovTurbine Hall

Las Hermanas Caronni

from not so classical tango to contemporary experimental minimalism

The sisters (hermanas) Caronni come from an Argentinian musical family (with Italian-Swiss-Spanish-Russian roots) and were born ten minutes apart. Laura and Gianna grew up in Rosario and were given the music through their grandmother, father and an uncle who emigrated from Italy. Rosario  soon got too small and they left for the capital, where they further developed into both classical and traditional music and for a while were part of the 'Orquesta Académica de Buenos Aires'.
In search of even more (musical) adventure, the sisters did what so many Argentines did before them: they left for Europe. The sisters each went their own way at the end of the 1990s. After quite some musical wanderings they found each other back in 2006 in Paris. It was a compatriot - Juan Carlos Cacéres - who encourages them to write and perform their own compositions. In the meantime they have released three CDs: Baguala de la Siesta (2011), Vuela (2013) and Navega Mundos (2015). Their new CD 'Santa Plastica' will be released in mid-November of this year (and should therefore have appeared the day of the concert in De Centrale!).
The music of Las Hermanas Caronni evokes memories of the lives of the sisters in Argentina. Various styles pass by, without the ladies being pushed into a booth. From classical Argentine tango to contemporary experimental minimalism ...
Music with temperament, sensual and elegant, virtuoso and seductive. framed by warm vocals!

Gianna Caronni: clarinet, percussion & vocals
Laura Caronni: cello, violin & voice