Europe Tour 2023

Pinhani is considered one of the most special bands in Turkey. They exceed expectations always and everywhere. They are never shy and always go for the unexpected. They play everywhere, even in the most remote regions and cities of Turkey. Their music is therefore an eclectic amalgamation of traditional music styles from all regions. Moreover, they always add a solid dose of rock.

Pinhani's success started when a song from their first album made the soundtrack of a famous Turkish TV series. Their second album was so well received that they started performing more and more often to sold-out venues. As their following grew steadily, the band also continuously produced new music, transforming traditional rhythms and melodies and rhythms into a completely new original sound. In this way they released 8 albums and 15 singles. With their recent hit singles "Bilir O Beni", Dünyadan Uzak and their latest album "Küçük Bir Evde", Pinhani's success story continues. It is already the 4th visit of this fantastic group in De Centrale, after concerts in 2011, 2013 and 2021!


sunday 29 january 2023

doors 7:30 pm
concert 8:00 pm

(standing audience)

presale: € 38
presale w/Uitpas, -18y. & groups +10: € 35
box office: € 41
opportunity rate: € 8,20


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