Thu.23.MayTurbine Hall


western and eastern music traditions fused

his unique super diverse string orchestra, under the direction of composer-violinist Shalan Alhamwy, will give a try-out concert in the run-up to impending concerts on Sunday 26/05 (Côté Jardin - Bijloke site) and Saturday 22/06 (Midsummer in the Abbey - Saint Bavo's Abbey).

The Syrian violinist and composer Shalan Alhamwy studied classical and Arabic music. From his career as a composer and performer in those two musical worlds, the idea arose to merge Western and Eastern music traditions into one ensemble. Picea Orientalis applies Western structure, harmony and techniques as well as Eastern decorations and improvisations. It is a string orchestra that derives its uniqueness primarily from the diversity of its members. Alhamwy gathers musicians around him who have had a classical education, but are also busy with other genres. Together they explore new musical trajectories. Imagine! Bach with Arabic decorations or jazz songs with Eastern improvisations ...

"Picea Orientalis" refers to a Caucasian spruce (Picea) that occurs in northern Asia Minor and the Caucasus (Orientalis). The wood of these spruces is used for the tops of both Eastern and Western stringed instruments, but also for the construction of eg the 'oed (eastern short-necked lute), the qanoen (plucked dulcimer board) and the bağlama (Turkish long-necked locks).

Violin : Shalan Alhamwy, Anouk Sanczuk, Norbert Makula, David Van Ransbeeck, Jhomayra Civalos, Graciela Zaera, Hendrike Scharmann & Mohammad Aldouri.
Alt violin : Marijn Thissen, Liesbeth Lambrecht & Katrien van Remortel.
Cello : Mieke Delanote & Vincent Werbrouck.
Contra bass : Katrien Bos.