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Delirium Tremens

Rosario La Tremendita - The Warrior - has her name. The singer with her soft raw voice stands her man in the flamenco world. Born in the gypsy quarter Triana, Sevilla and raised by her great-grandmother and father in the cante jondo, La Tremendita knows where and how to give the old voice that little bit of pain, so it hurts.
El pellizco, the secret weapon of every good singer, is naturally given to her. Flamenco dance innovators such as Belén Maya, Andrés Marín and Rocío Molina know how to find her. With them, she toured the international stages for years.
With Delirium Tremens, her third solo album, la Tremendita surprisingly emerges as a modern singer-songwriter. She wrote the music herself and the lyrics, for which she drew inspiration from the poems of Anne Sexton and accompanies herself on (bass) guitar. The album is her musical answer to a personal crisis from which she was ‘liberated’. The album especially breathes flamenco,, but is at the same time a step to musical freedom of a singer that was procousious in flamenco and is looking for new roads.
More flamenco then Rosario ‘La Tremendita’ is impossible. When she sings a Bulería from het great grandmother La Pescaera, you cannot get around it. And when she sings without that guitar she gives you the shivers. With her ‘cate puro’, she enchants you as with a flash of light and she seems to be stopping time.(…) La Tremendita shakes the soul and stirs the deepest secrets of the soul’ – Le Monde
‘Pura psicodelia jonda – a cocktail of pure psychedelic flamenco’ – Diario de Sevilla
Rosario La Tremendita -  zang, gitaar
Pablo Martin Jones – percussie
Juanfe Pérez – basgitaar

Co-org. Flamenco Biënnale Nederland
The Flamenco Biennial Netherlands is a biennial international dance and music festival with flamenco in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Maastricht, Antwerp (De Roma) and this year a little bit with us in De Centrale in Ghent.
Rosario La Tremendita can not only be seen and heard in De Centrale but also in the Bimhuis (Amsterdam) and Andrés Maríns D. Quixote, the opening performance of the VII ° Flamenco Biennale in the International Theater (also in Amsterdam).