Where is the Justice | cd-presentation


A performance by seekaman , the Ghanean raggaeban from Ghent, can be compelled in two words: : “Positive Vibes” …
Abaa Poliwa, aka ‘Stick of Moses’ is besides singer, and guitar player, also the main lyricist and composer of the group. He is a man with a message ánd a big musical talent. He is surrounded by an elite of musicians and singers who are always up for a party. Seekaman brings reggae, afrobeat, highlife, … all topped with a spicy Ghanaian sauce. In May they played a fantastic performance in De Centrale, together with the legendary Skyblasters. Today they present_ again in De Centrale_
their new album Where is the justice’.


Benkady wishes to unite people and inspire them beyond musical borders. They bring you worldly music and dance  without borders, a melting pot of African and Flemish melodies, a cross-fertilization and musical encounter of two cultures, a creative explosion. Benkady consists of Bram Felix, who washed up from Ostend, and makes the seaside relive with saxophone, flute and creative percussion. Moussa Dembele  provides exciting and sometimes subdued atmosphere with african rhythms from Burkina Faso on balafon, kora and djembé. He is assisted by Siaka Deni Koita and Zouratie Kone, both griots originating from Burkina Faso, where the musical knowledge of traditional instruments like the djembé, tama and douns have been passed on for centuries. The contra bass of Lara Rosseel gives the whole a warm, sultry sound. Benkady brings, through music and dance, fun into the atmosphere. Thus, there should be a lot of dancing! Myriam Camerlynck already gives the good example on the stage!!