Sun.29.AprTurbine Hall


Turkish alternative rock with a wink to the ‘80’s

Seksendört (literally means 84 in Turkish and we leave it in the middle whether the double bottom was really the intention) is an alternative Turkish rock band from Ankara. The group consists of singer-guitarist Tuna Velibaşoğlu, guitarist Arif Erdem Ocak, drummer Serter Karadeniz and bass player Okan Özer. The band was formed in 1999 and scored in 2005 with the "titelless" debut album Seksendört and the song' Ölürum Hasretinle '. The subsequent following albums - 'K.G.B.' from 2008 and 'Akıyor Zaman' from 2011 were also received very positively by the (Turkish) music market. Seksendört was inspired by various groups such as Moğollar, Athena, Duman, Yeni Tûrkü and MaNga ... just to name a few. In 2012 they released a record together with the Turkish pop singer Hande Yener. Their last album 'Faili Meçhul' dates from 2014. Anyone who remembers the passage of Seksendört in De Centrale on 25 October 2015 will definitely come back ... and for those who missed them then this is a nice second chance ...

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 22/02 Me la Amargates Tu
 04|03 Oyalı Yazma
 10|03 The Big Folk ‘n’ Irish Night #03
 16|03 Maria Simoglou Ensemble (rebetiko)
 22|03 100 jaar Impressies van Spanje (F.G. Lorca);
 05|04 Duarte (fado);
 21|04 AFF Film (Les hommes d’argile) + concert Sanaa Marahati
 25|04 Sarvsetah Ensemble (Iran)
 27|04 Marc Hauman & Groep /// WÖR
 29|04 Seksendört
 30|04 Grup Tını
 17|05 Xenitia (ft. Katerina Fotinaki)
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