[blues, jazz]

Roger Van Gatspiegel, Jeanluc Bluejambon (nicknamed Va Béné), Ambroso Frère-Cordon and Whoopy Horn, brothers in arms, who years ago plagued  the first Flemish festivals with their repertoire of backwards played folk songs , start a second career.
In the current repertoire are no longer played backwards, but regularly. They are no longer mere shit, but big songs from the world repertoire of blues and jazz and the better pop, dabbled in never heard interpretations.
Feel free to come and get goosebumps. But you can also laugh. Please note! The places are limited and the musicians too.
With Roger Van Gatspiegel (guitar, vocals & maybe piano), Jeanluc Bluejambon (bass, vocals & maybe guitar - maybe not) & Ambroso Frère-Cordon (all other things, no vocals) and of course ... Whoopy Horn.