Sat.05.MarTurbine Hall


Traditional dance and drums from Rwanda

The Rwandan traditional dances from the group Ukwezi is known as one of the most beautiful dances in the world. They differ strongly from most traditional dances from Africa, both in rhythm as in movements. During the dancing, the men hold a spear and a shield, symbolizing the warriors. The women dancing is gracious and sexy and primarily wants to reflect the beauty of women. The Rwandan dancing is overwhelming to see and wonderfull to dance yourself: elegant and yet full of fire.

THE INGOMA TROMMEL-ENSEMBLE consist of 6 to 10 drums and just as much excecuters. In terms of pitch we distinguish three types of drums: the ishakwe, the inyahura and the igihumurizo.
And after the show of course it is time for the audience itself to dance during a splashing afterparty!!

The Antwerp-Rwandan association UKWEZI vzw exists since 2007( although it was founded in 2005 as a festive asociation). The VZW has as a goal promotion of Rwandan culture and relaxation in Belgium and Development Cooperation. UKWEZI vzw supports with her project “BIG PIG” over 30 people of three cooperatives in the districts of Kayonza, Kirehe en Nyagatare, in the Eastern province of Rwanda.  In Rwanda itself, UKWEZI vzw is a local NGO that operates under the name of UKWEZI FARMING NGO.


saturday 05 march 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm
Start event: 8:00 pm

Start Afterparty around 10:00 pm

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