Turkish World Heritage from the Ghent Belfry

On March 21, the center of Ghent will be treated to a unique experience. At 2 p.m., city carillonneur Kenneth Theunissen will sound the Turkish song 'Uzun ince bir yoldayım' from the tower of the Belfry. This song is a classic of the musical tradition of the Anatolian troubadours (âşık = troubadour). It was written by the most iconic representative of this tradition, Âşık Veysel (1894-1973). At the 41st General Conference in Paris, UNESCO decided to include Âşık Veysel in the 2022-2023 jubilee celebrations commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the poet's death. As part of the program, Âşık Veysel is honored throughout the year with numerous events such as conferences, exhibitions and concerts in Turkey and abroad. The song 'Uzun ince bir yoldayım' (literally: I am on a long and narrow road) is a poetic lament about human suffering. It is well known both inside and outside Turkey. In Ghent, too, many people with Turkish roots have grown up with the music of Âşık Veysel. This action is an initiative of De Centrale and it is no coincidence that it will take place on 21 March. It is not only the anniversary of the poet's death, but also World Poetry Day and the international Day against Racism.

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