workshop by Vormingplus

Byzantion, Constantinopel, Istanbul – so many names, so many flavours.
Discover the historical, social and culinary face of the city. Can Elvan Özkan,who grew up in Istanbul, takes you on an expedition that brings the two sides of the Egean Sea, Turkey and Greece, closer. Based on stories we go look for the deeply rooted Greek culture that is still present in contemporary Istanbul-  a crossroad of migration- and a leading Turkish metropolis. Dispersed on both sides of the Bosphorus, the Greek heritage is our orientation point throughout this presentation. We start the night with the rolling of wine leaves and Turkish Lady Gent vzw has you tasting fresh Sarma (hot and cold). You can participate in a workshop making mezze’s with recipes for Baklava, Dolma, Cacik and taste of the secret of Kaynar?