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Oriental Groove and Psychedelic Sounds

Welcome to the world of Gaïsha, a captivating collaboration between Aïcha Haskal and talented musicians from Belgium. Aïcha, a Belgian-Moroccan artist, joins forces with members from Absynthe Minded, Sylvie Kreusch, De Beren Gieren, and Va Fan Fahre to create a unique fusion of oriental and psychedelic grooves, infused with a Brussels twist. Their diverse backgrounds come together to form a mesmerizing melting pot of styles.

The group recently released their debut album through Zephyrus Records on March 24th. Embark on a hypnotizing journey through oriental groove and psychedelic funk as you immerse yourself in their captivating sound.

One of the album's standout tracks is "Ana Aïcha," released as a teaser in late 2022. This song pays homage to the singer's name, which translates to "liberty." Aïcha's rebellious voice rises against the oppression of women and advocates for gender equality. The melody skillfully captures the essence of this protest, transitioning from intimate nostalgia to stirring rhythms.

In February 2023, Gaïsha released "Gand la nuit," a mysterious French ballad infused with a groovy twist. The song narrates the tale of nocturnal escapades in their beloved city of Ghent, creating an intriguing musical experience.

"Ya Majnoun," the album's third single, delves into the concept of being "possessed." The word "Majnoun" translates to "the possessed," and the song explores the stages in life where we can all relate to this state, whether it be possessed by love, the devil, life, or passion. The dynamic and rhythmic uptempo composition, accompanied by groovy vibes and feel-good tunes, perfectly captures this identification.

Aïcha's journey in the world of music faced obstacles, as playing music was considered taboo for women in her family. Despite this, she secretly immersed herself in Brussels' hip hop scene at the age of sixteen, even participating in a contest on a Belgian television channel while disguised with a cap and her back turned to the audience. Unfortunately, her father discovered her involvement, leading to a period of silence. Later in life, she entered the masculine world of classical Arabic music. Through her unwavering determination, Aïcha emerged as the leading lady of Gaïsha.

Meet the talented members of Gaïsha:

  • Aïcha Haskal: Vocals
  • Michael De Schryver (Va Fan Fahre, Proyecto Secreto): Synth, Organ
  • Lieven Van Pee (Echoes of Zoo, De Beren Gieren): Bass
  • Renaud Ghilbert (Absynthe Minded): Violin
  • Eduardo Vega (Va Fan Fahre, Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra): Guitar
  • Falk Schrauwen (Compro Oro, Sylvie Kreusch): Percussion
  • Nico Leonard (Victor Rice Septet, Moon Invaders): Drums

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sounds of Gaïsha, where oriental groove and psychedelic elements merge with a Brussels twist, creating an unforgettable musical experience.


06 October 2023

Doors . 7:30 pm
Concert . 8:00 pm

Presale: € 10
Presale w/Uitpas, under 18 & groups of 10 or more: € 7
At the door: € 13
Reduced rate: € 2,60

EARLY BIRDS : € 5 (limited in number & time)

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